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December 27, 2018

Great Tips for the Barbecue!

by Sarah Pritchard27 January 2015

Barbecuing is a typical part of the Australian summer; cooking outside in the beautiful weather with family and friends around. My own memories however, always involved a lot of grease that had to be cleaned off before anything could be done; and then guessing whether the meat was cooked enough on the inside.

To save you from my pain, here are a few helpful hints to help create the perfect Aussie barbecue!

1. Be organised!
It’s good to start cooking before everyone is hung. This means that everything needs to be defrosted and marinated/prepared early and the barbecue has to be clean and hot enough to start.

Check the gas bottle isn’t empty from the last time the barbecue came out and don an appropriately hilarious apron. Get out the long stemmed tongs and utensils especially for the barbecue and have your plates all ready to go.

2. Be prepared!
A barbecue is almost an open fire, so sometimes the meat drips into the flames and causes them to flare up. Have a bottle of water nearby to spray the fire back when this happens so you’re ready for anything (and won’t waste your beer or wine!).

Another way of stopping the drip is to put on ‘unpricked’ sausages so they don’t leak fat into the flame. Also, have some mosquito repellant handy so you’re guests don’t become dinner.

3. Variety!
Outside dining is great with guests, however these days not everybody eats meat. Some don’t eat gluten or dairy and then there’s everyone’s individual taste.

Mix it up! Have some salads drinks and meat substitutes and perhaps a fruit platter or cheese to tide the party over while the cooking is happening. Importantly, man the barbecue and, if like my family you’re not used to cooking outdoors, use a meat thermometer so there’s no guesswork.

4. Experiment!
Personally, I think the best thing about cooking is experimenting with flavour. For another take on the art of barbecue cuisine, Smoque’s American style food can hold it’s own in the arena of outdoor cooking and provides plenty of inspiration. The flavours of hickory and spices are slowly cooked into the meat and vegetarian dishes as well as catering for the gluten-free among us.

To make it easy at home, because Smoque is based in Canberra, you can pick up a range of sauces and rubs from Smoque’s online shop. With varying degrees of unique sauces the menu is open to all levels of food lovers from mild all the way to spicy. Have a crack at it yourself, or perhaps just order some takeaway if it all seems too hard!.

The summer is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors, bring some friends around and make use of the furniture on the deck but for that smoky taste of barbecue all year round, Smoque has got you covered.


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