December 28, 2018

Instagrammers Of The Month

by Eliza Ackland22 May 2015

It’s that time of the month again, where we tell you who to follow on Instagram!

@LITTLEDRILL Looks like a Barbie doll’s brain exploded (in a good way). The colour pallet doesn’t deviate from pastel blues, yellows and pinks creating a beautiful and consistent aesthetic. Items that heavily feature include bananas, glitter, coconuts and French fries.

@SYDNEYFABULOUS It’s hard to tell if these guys are trolling or not, but either way it’s funny. This account is showcasing, “the Emerald City’s most fabulous pedestrians” accompanied by excerpts from Jay-Z and Beyoncé lyrics like, “the day Obama got elected, the gangster became less relevant.” So… make of it what you will.

@CHOCOLATESUZE is a Sydneysider who has a deep love for doughnuts and fried chicken. Her Instagram features all the delicious food before she gobbles it up. WARNING: following this account may cause severe food cravings.

@D.W.N.S is the brainchild of Sydney designer Joshua Davidson. He’s creating custom fashion-forward threads and showcasing his talent on via Instagram.

@THEGENTLEMANBRONCO is one-third of a creative collective featuring surreal and unique content. Using flawless collage to cut-and-paste concepts, they create uncanny and compelling photos. Explaining this account in words does not do it justice. You must see it to believe it!

@LOLAZIGGY Sydney-based photographer Rah Kela is the purple haired goddess behind this account. Her account is a cluster of visuals including hues of lavender, surreal places and magical people. It’s always nice to have some glitter to scroll past on your feed.

@ROBMUCH Former Sydneysider Rob Jones is now roaming around Europe with his trusty camera as his constant companion. If the dreary weather is getting you down follow his feed and daydream as he snaps the European summer.

@SYDNEYMENSSTYLE Blogger Hass Murad has been described as the epitome of a modern day gentleman and his Instagram account seems to back that up. This one is for the boys who value a dapper dress code complete with sleek topknots and Dior sunglasses.

@WEHAVEAVISUAL is a Sydney photographer that is a part of a crew of Sydney Instagrammers creating beautiful content for your eyes. Ethereal places, silhouettes and misty horizons create inspiring content that never gets old.

@PRESSBOOKS is a cute little hole-in-the-wall shop in Chippendale that stocks unique ‘zines, photo books, and independent publications. Their Instagram account features photos of different books they’re currently stocking so you can browse the shelves before popping in to check it out IRL.

@BENEDETTODEMAIO The person behind this account looks like a kid that never grew up. You’ve got to give the guy credit for sticking to such a consistent aesthetic. Playful colours and everyday objects make up a smorgasbord of creative images.

If you think you have what it takes to be featured, or if you see an account that deserves some love, tag us @OUTINNEWCASTLE or use the hash tag #outinnewcastle. We'll give the best accounts a shout-out, whether it’s a lifestyle account, fashion blogger, foodie or just some quality memes. Let us know and check back in to see if your pick made the cut!

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