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December 27, 2018

Summer Night Struggles

by Alex Dickens 20 January 2016

Hot nights spell disaster for a comfortable sleep. All that tossing and turning, praying for a breeze to come through the window to rock you gently to sleep… it’s exhausting!

We had a chat to our friends at Beds n Dreams about the importance of a good night’s sleep and put together the top 10 ways to get to hit the hay on a hot night!

1. Get your cotton on!

Cotton is a god-send on a hot night. The natural fabric breathes and is a light and easy alternative to synthetic and polyester fibres. Don you cotton sheets, pyjamas and underwear to breathe easy as you drift off to sleep.

2. It’s ok to wet the bed

I’m originally from a ridiculously hot regional town and my favourite trick is wetting the bed. No, it’s not what you think… Get a damp towel or dampen your top sheet, lay it over you and soak up the reward of a cool and refreshing night’s sleep.

3. Turn off your phone

Electronics on charge, whether it be a clock, lamp or even your phone emit an immense amount of heat. So turn them off! It may not be the sole solution to summer suffering but, hey … it’s a start.

4. Get low

Heat rises… ask any fire fighter! So put your mattress on the ground or camp out on the lounge room floor for the night.

5. Claim your territory

A hot night is no time for romance, so kick your partner out or move yourself because nobody loves unwanted body heat in the bed when it’s already 30 degrees plus.

6. Keep hydrated

As simple as it sounds, when it’s hot you should keep hydrated. Water acts as a cooling agent so why not sip on a glass of water before going to bed and keep a fresh one on your bedside table.

7. Less comfort, less heat

Mountains of pillows on the bed are a nightmare in the heat. Less pillows, less heat! Try sleeping on a couch cushion or something with less surface area and keep your cool all night long.

8. Stay sugar-free

Not only is sugar addictive but it also causes dehydration and a horrible night’s sleep on a hot summer night. Stick with water and water-rich foods like watermelon and celery.

9. It’s ok to have cold feet

The temperature of your feet can often dictate your overall body temperature. Stick an ice pack at the end of your bed to keep your feet cool.

10. Spray away the heat

Here’s one of our favourites: stash a spray bottle next to the bed and spray yourself with a fine mist for a comfortable sleep. It feels great!

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