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December 29, 2018

VFP: a fusion of art and fashion

by Josephine Huynh 14 September 2016

One designer that Canberrans are anticipating to see showcased on the FASHFEST 2016 runway is VFP, which will launch its debut collection on opening night.

A collaboration between designers Pollah Howe and Vincent Nguyen, who both studied at CIT, VFP’s pieces are stunning structural works of art – in fact, the VFP mantra is ‘Seeing fashion as an art form’.

Pollah and Vincent use traditional fabrics and unconventional materials to create exciting fashion wear. The label boasts exotic silhouettes and trendy styling for confident women, and experiments with textures, colours, shapes and materials.

VFP is inspired by the environment, people and lifestyles, and designs for the commercial market, as well as for those wanting to express their personality at special events.

“We design for any age group and genders who like to express their personality. Our designs focus on artistic styles to show creativity,” Vincent explains.

“For our FASHFEST 2016 collection, we have drawn inspiration from modern architecture and landmarks within the Canberra environment. Through the pieces we hope to inspire audiences to apply their own creativity into their daily lives.”

VFP will be showcasing 10 looks. Pollah says that every piece tells a unique story and has its own personality based on materials, textures and styling.

“This resembles the changes we see in architecture when reflecting the environment – day, night, light, seasons, displays, difference angles and sides,” Pollah says.

This is the first time VFP is showcasing at FASHFEST and Pollah says she is looking forward to sharing the experience with her best friend.

“Vincent has always inspired and encouraged me to do something I love. We are learning so much as we go through this experience together. It's challenging but we are enjoying it very much,” she says.
Canberra has so many talented designers. Being able to get involved in such a fantastic fashion event will be amazing. We hope the audience will enjoy the collection as much as we enjoyed putting it together.”

National Convention Centre
29 September – 1 October

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